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Neh 4:20  In what place therefore ye hear the sound of the trumpet, resort ye thither unto us: our God shall fight for us. 

To better understand the shofar blast, think back to those wonderful old westerns, the movies in which the hero has been surrounded by the enemy and all looks hopeless. Then, softly in the distance, you hear the sound of a bugle. As moments pass, the bugle gets louder and with it you hear the sound of many horses riding at full gallop. With each blast of the horn, the defeat is driven out of the heart of those surrounded and it is replaced with hope. Defeat is swallowed up by victory. This, in essence, is what the sound of the shofar should do for those hearing it.

Shekinah Glory Healing & Perfecting Center         CHURCH 6638 S. Cottage Grove Ave Chicago IL   773-957-5165 (YES WE ARE OPEN) ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED We are a spiritual hospital,   spiritual recovery room, a place for families to grow. Service Times. SUNDAY 11:00AM TUESDAY 7:00PM Overseer:  Pastors Melvin & Noreda Crawford Web:Chicagofirerevival.com Email:mcmsghm@hotmail.com

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If there is a NO SERVICE DAY Apostle will send you a text or call you to let you know about the service.


Blizzard, out pour of rain, days its way too cold, or any other mishaps.

If these things happen, we will have service on the prayer call line.

Prayer call number is: 712-775-7031  the code is 639288989#


To Contact Apostle Crawford  773-957-5165

Web:  www.chicagofirerevival.com

Email:  mcmsghm@hotmail.com

God is using Apostle Crawford to go to other ministries to introduce God's healing Shofar Ministry for the Christian church. He can be contacted to tell you how this Shofar Ministry can help your church,

                                   773-957-5165     mcmsghm@hotmail.com

Call To Find Out The Dates For The SHOFAR Training  773-957-5165




You can download

cash.app  to GIVE.

put in, Melvin Crawford  773-957-5165

We would like to have you partner up with our ministry to help us spread the gospel, OUR (target) IS THE UNITED STATES, then the NATIONS. Your first fruit seed of any amount will help in the work of the kingdom. When you partner with us you will be blessed with service recordings E-mail to you, or CD’S mailed to you, Shofar blown over your first fruit seed for increase, and prayer from Apostle Crawford himself. It is a blessing to have our pastor to take out time to pray for all our partners that call in for prayer.  He is a man who God is working great miracles thou. Be a partner, WE CAN HELP. 

There are many ways to become a partner.

You can partner with us by 


Or Call 773-957-5165.  Or by mail S.G.H.P.C. Po. Box 17108 Chicago IL 60617.

God Bless.

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Prayer intercessors needed for provision to take the Shofar ministry around the world.

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